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The Anatomy of Revenge

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Never more so in the case of Lizzie Paige who discovers her husband is being unfaithful. So Lizzie decides on revenge. And that’s revenge on all four cylinders when she discovers with whom it is her husband is doing it with.

She wants something that will really hurt him. Deny him access to their money stop him from having other affairs. Stop him from making a fool of her. Stop from having her being held to ridicule by the people that know what’s going on? But what? Her first thought is murder. Poison, hiring a hit man. All too risky. Besides, she realises the police would suspect her straight away. So what then? She plays with different scenarios for several weeks. And then one morning as she’s putting on make-up the idea drops in to her head like a coin tumbling in to a vending machine. There it was. The ideal solution. Getting her husband imprisoned for her attempted murder. The more she thinks about it the more it appeals. His removal. His punishment. And who would suspect her hand behind it. After all, she is the victim. Who is likely to point the finger at her. But how to go about it?

Another week passes as she sets about turning the idea in to a concrete ‘murderus’ operandi. Another week, as she goes over and over a plan in her mind ironing out flaws. Finally with all the pieces in place she starts to put theory in to practise. The question is. Will she have the gumption to actually go through with it? And if so. Get away with it? Is she able to turn the anatomy of revenge in to the success of revenge?