A List To Die For: A Thrilling Detective Mystery

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Graham J. Burlem

Jack Kreeger has one simple question, who kidnapped his son? Jack would pay anything to get Tony free. And he can. Jack's rich. Very rich. He owns one of the last independent gambling casinos in the West End of London with a car park full of Rollers every night. Classy, but maybe not so clean. It's a world of glamorous corruption where sex is expensive and life is cheap. And the players think the rules simply don't apply. Jack can pay, but whoever has Tony isn't after money.

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About Graham

I was born in London and still live in North London. I left school at 15 and after a series of dead-end jobs went in to estate agency in Islington. I opened my own agency there in the mid-80’s .I had an urge to write. So I signed on with a basic course at the City Lit in London. After only a few sessions I realised I had discovered a passion that was probably going to stay with me all my life. Because I’m just in love with writing. Since then I’ve written a number of award winning short stories. I like listening to jazz. My other passion is playing rummy-kub a game I’m almost addicted to. Now semi-retired, my time is spent between taking care of business affairs when necessary and writing novels.